Contract Extensions

CONTRACT EXTENSIONS - Connecticut General Statute 4a-59a(c) requires that the Department of Administrative Services post an explanation of all contracts extended in accordance with CGS 4a-59a.  This listing is as follows:

Contract #Expiration DateExplanationDate Modified
13PSX0228 06/30/2020Extension in accordance with the Continuity of Operations for DECD’s Tourism & Economic Development Marketing Services Contract09/10/2019
07PSX034306/30/2019Under CGS 4a-59a(b)(2) Not extending this contract will compromise the continuity of workers compensation third party administrator. 06/14/2019
07PSX015706/30/2018Will compromise the continuity operations of the State's employee parking lot shuttle services.05/09/2019
07PSX026906/30/2019Under CGS 4a-59a(b)(2) Not extending this contract will compromise the continuity of the State's fleet card/Voyager services.05/09/2019
08PSX018312/31/2018In accordance with CGS 4a-59a(c). Reason for noncompliance: Extension necessary to ensure continuity of operations of DOT highway weigh stations.09/20/2018
13PSX003510/31/2017Extension necessary to ensure continuity of security services to state agencies09/20/2017
B-04-00709/29/2018Extension necessary to ensure continuity of the Medicaid Management Information System and Medicaid Program.09/14/2017
CA11PSX016809/15/2017Extension necessary to ensure continuity of emergency telecommunications systems for one year or less until such time when a replacement contract is executed.08/31/2016
CA10ITZ010605/02/2017Continuity of Operations - failure to grant this extension would disrupt the continuity of the installation of the state’s telecomm billing system.06/07/2016
CA11ITZ000606/30/2017Contract 11ITZ0006 is being extended to insure Connecticut Education Network maintains the Erate program for telecommunications service using a combination of Frame Relay, ATM and xDSL to centers across the State of Connecticut.02/05/2016
05ITZ0023MA04/16/2016Being extended to maintain all of the existing call recorders, voice messaging systems and time synchronization systems for State of Connecticut Agencies in the Executive Branch.03/27/2015
05ITZ0016MA03/15/2016Continuity of services – with emphasis on large projects currently in the planning and construction phases.03/18/2015