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Company Name DBA Address 1 Address 2 City, State, ZIP Code Product 151 Northshore Contractors LLC 151 Otrobando Ave. Norwich CT 06360 Complete range of paving services from patch repair to new pavement projects. Complete plowing,sanding and snow removal.Complete range of all property services including mowing,leaf removel and debree removal. Interior demo removal and complete refab. Business Type Web Address Limited Liability Company Union Bonded DAS Prequalified DOT Certified No Yes No No
Company Owners
Percent OwnershipOwner NameTitleMinority Affiliation
100%Heath BrownOwner 

Company Contacts
Contact NameAddressPhone/FAXEmail
Heath Brown151 Otrobando Ave.
Norwich, CT 06360
Phone #: (860) 889-1980 Ext:
FAX #: (860) 889-1980

Goods And Services
ClassClass DescriptionSubClass Description (SubClass)
0013Building, Road and Excavation Materials, Purchase and/or Purchase & InstallBuilding, Road and Excavation Materials, Purchase and/or Purchase & Install ( )
Brick: Building (016)
Concrete Products (Except Pipe) (020)
Barrier Modules and Parts (024)
Glass and Glass Products (028)
Plexiglass (cast acrylic) Lexan (030)
Gypsum Products and Cement Patch Material (032)
Portland Cement and Cement Products (036)
Insulating Material (Except Pipe Coverings) (040)
Plaster and Mortar Materials (048)
Reinforcing Materials and Metal Lath (052)
Sand, Gravel, Crushed Stone (056)
Aluminum, Steel, and Plastic Pipe (060)
Tile: Floor and Ceiling (068)
Crack Sealing Services for Parking Lots, Driveways, Tennis Courts, Running Tracks (069)
0040General Contracting ServicesGeneral Contracting Services (051)
0059Miscellaneous Wood ProductsMiscellaneous Wood Products (030)
Plywood and Veneer (040)
Poles, Posts and Ties (050)
Sash, Doors and Blinds (Millwork) (060)
Shingles and Lath (070)
Wallboard and Hardboard (072)
Doors, Sash and Studs, Metal (074)
Screens (076)
0400Rental of Portable ToiletsRental of Portable Toilets (001)
Pest Control Services (002)
Integrated Preventive Facility Maintenance Services for Grounds, Interior/Exterior Custodial, Air Conditioning/HVAC and other Services as Required (003)
0401Interior Plantings and Maintenance ServicesInterior Plantings and Maintenance Services (001)
Lawn Care, Landscaping, and Snow and Ice Removal Services (002)
Integrated Pest Management Services for Lawn/Tree Care (003)
Herbicide Applicators for Highway Applications (004)
Parking Lot and Roadway Sweeping Services (005)
Boat Launch Maintenance Services (006)

Company Affiliates
Affiliate NameDescription
Heath Brown 

Certificate History
Expiration DateCertificate TypeWomanDisabledClass Description
Jan 3, 2007
Mar 31, 2009
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Feb 25, 2013
Feb 25, 2015
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