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This feature allows you to create a list of vendors using specific criteria.  Each category you select will further define your list.  Typing in Keywords will give you a list of all currently certified vendors that contain those words in their product description or goods/services for which the vendor is certified.  You may uncheck the "Current Certificates" box in the lower left hand corner of the screen to include vendors with expired certificates in your search.  Using the "Date Range" search feature found below the main search grid, you may further define your search to include a specific date range and certification status in addition to the criteria selected in the main search grid. The default "date range" for this feature is the two week period prior to today. Click "Search" without selecting any criteria for a complete list of all Supplier Diversity vendors including Certified and Previously Certified but now Expired.

Company information is self maintained by the company. Please view a copy of the certificate for valid certification information.
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      Supplier of Material. Please note: supplier material is self identified by applying company. This is not an eligibility requirement. Information provided for search functionality only.
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