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Search Criteria: Active Class = 0200
Total Results Found:  28
Contract #Start DateExpiration DateDescription
TL08261909/30/202109/29/2026Lease Accounting Software and Related Services
CSCU-210708/01/202107/31/2026Student Accident Insurance
RFP 2021-00107/01/202106/30/2024Annual Financial Audit Services - Connecticut Airport Authority
UCHC4-133281515 04/08/202104/07/2026Policy Management System
WCC_2020_000101/01/202112/31/2025To develope and produce The Medical Reimbursement Fee Schedule for State Workers' Compensation Commission
UCHC4-126495115 10/01/202009/30/2025Computer Assisted Coding (CAC) - Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Encoder
CSCU - 200707/15/202007/14/2025TRANSCRIPT EXHANGE SERVICES
2020-0407/01/202006/30/2025ATM / Banking Services at CCSU
20042505/15/202005/15/2025The Office of the State Treasurer awarded contract for UCP Database Management & Claims Processing to Kelmar Associates, LLC.
2020-0105/15/202005/15/2025Request for information on Medical Bill Review, Medical Bill Payment, Auditing and Pharmacy services Contract was awarded to Kelmar Associates
2018-10107/01/201906/30/2024Enterprise Resource Planning System - Tyler Technology Infinite Visions
CLC20170204/01/201703/31/2099CLC201702 "For Life" Annuities
CLC20160506/20/201606/19/2099CLC201605 "For Life" Annuites
CLC20151502/10/201602/10/2099CLC201515 "For Life" Annuities
CLC20150610/01/201509/30/2099For Life Lottery Games Annuities - four individual contracts were awarded to the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company.
CLC20150405/29/201505/29/2099For Life Lottery Games Annuities - contract awarded to The Savings Bank Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts
CLC20140912/01/201412/01/2034For Life Lottery Games Annuities was awarded to The Savings Bank Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts.
CLC20140308/25/201408/24/2099"Diamonds" Lottery Games Annuities
CLC20130606/24/201406/23/2034"Lucky For Life" Lottery Game Annuity
2014 SRLF 00106/01/201405/31/2032The State of Connecticut, Department of Housing (State, or DOH) is seeking one or more proposers for Shoreline Resiliency Loan Fund.
CLC20131204/01/201404/01/2099"For Life" Lottery Games Annuities contract was awarded to The Savings Bank Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts.
CLC20130207/01/201306/30/2033"For Life" Games Annuities Contract
CLC20120404/30/201304/29/2099Lucky For Life Winner Annuity contract
CLC20120307/01/201207/01/2032"For Life" Games and Classic Lotto Annuities Invitation to Bid
CLC20091702/11/201002/01/2026For Life Lottery Games annuity Contract CLC200917
CLC20090905/20/200905/20/2026Instant Lottery For Life Annuity Contract
CLC20080606/01/200806/01/2026Win For Life Annuity Contract
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