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SCP Company Detail
State Contracting Portal Company Detail

Company Name DBA Address 1 Address 2 City, State, ZIP Code Product 4U Heating & Cooling Services LLC 249 Research Drive Unit 5 MIlford CT 06406 Business Type Web Address Limited Liability Company

Company Contacts
Contact NameAddressPhone/FAXEmail
Enrrique A Herazo249 Research Drive Unit 5
MIlford, CT 06513
Phone: (203) 988-2255
FAX: (203) 988-2255

Current Active Contracts
Contract DatesContract NumberDescription
No current contracts found.

Company Selected Industry Codes
ClassClass DescriptionSubClass Description (SubClass)
0025Electrical Apparatus and Supplies, Purchase and Maintenance ofFans: Household and Commercial (024)
Heaters and Heating Elements (036)
Insulators and Insulating Elements (040)
Meters: Volt, Watt, Ampere (052)
Miscellaneous Electrical Supplies and Equip. (056)
Motor Starters and Controllers: Circuit Breakers (060)
Fans: Household and Commercial, Repair/Maint./Inspect. of (224)
Heaters and Heating Elements, Repair/Maint./Inspect. of (236)
Motor Starters and Controllers, Repair/Maint./Inspect. of (260)
0049Industrial, Shop and Material Handling Equip., Purchase, Rental, and Maintenance OfAir Compressors and Equip., Repair/Maint./Inspect. of (202)
Air Purification and Air Pollution Control Equip., Repair/Maint./Inspect. Of (204)
Fans and Blowers: Industrial, Repair/Maint./Inspect. Of (216)
Mechanical Power Transmission Equip. (Generators Portable), Repair/Maint./Inspect. Of (228)
Pumps, Repair/Maint./Inspect. Of (236)
Rental, Maint, Inspection of Miscellaneous Industrial Equipment (253)
0063Miscellaneous Equipment, Products and Supplies., Purchase, Rental, and Maintenance ofSewage and Garbage Disposal Equip., Repair/Maint./Inspect. Of (256)
Water Purification & Water Pollution Control Equip., Repair/Maint./Inspect. Of (280)
0074Home ModificationsGeneral Access Construction (Ramps, Door Modifications, etc.) (001)
Building, Home, Office Remodling and Additions (003)
0079Plumbing and Heating Equipment and Supplies and AccessoriesAir and Water Filters (004)
Heating & Steam Generating Equip. (including LP Heaters), Repair/Maint./Inspect. of (224)
Water Current Metering Equip., Repair/Maint./Inspect. of (280)
Temperature Control and Mechanical Equip., Repair/Maint./Inspect. Of (294)
0087Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Equipment, Supplies and AccessoriesAir Conditioning Equip. (Portable Window Units) (008)
Air-conditioning Equip. (Portable Window Units), Repair/Maint./Inspect. Of (208)
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Components & Acc., Repair/Maint./Inspect. Of (216)
0088Building Management SystemsBuilding Management Systems (Energy Management, Heating Cooling, Lighting, etc) (001)
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Components and Accessories (Chillers HVAC) (002)
Building Mgmt Systems(Energy Mgmt, Heating Cooling, Lighting, etc), Repair/Maint/Inspect of (201)
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Components & Accessories (Chillers HVAC), Repair/Maint/Inspect. Of (202)
0400Facility Related ServicesIntegrated Preventive Facility Maintenance Services for Grounds, Interior/Exterior Custodial, Air Conditioning/HVAC and other Services as Required (003)
Facility and Property Management Services (004)
0803Transportation Related ServicesFreight Transportation Services (004)
0806Rubbish Removal, Trash Hauling & Recycling ServicesRubbish Removal Services (001)
Other Recycling Services (003)

Company Affiliates
Affiliate NameDescription
No Affiliate records found.

Supplier Diversity Certificate History
Expiration DateCertificate TypeWomanDisabledClass Description
Feb 21, 2020 - Feb 21, 2022MBE  Hispanic American
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