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SCP Company Detail
State Contracting Portal Company Detail

Company Name DBA Address 1 Address 2 City, State, ZIP Code Product 3x Solution Inc 1 Beagle Trail Sandy Hook CT 06482 Business Type Web Address Corporation

Company Contacts
Contact NameAddressPhone/FAXEmail
Barbara Donahue1 Beagle Trail
Sandy Hook, CT 06482-1641
Phone: (203) 449-6528

Current Active Contracts
Contract DatesContract NumberDescription
No current contracts found.

Company Selected Industry Codes
ClassClass DescriptionSubClass Description (SubClass)
0144Construction, Owner’s RepresentativeConstruction, Owner’s Representative (001)
3000Education and Training ServicesAgro industry vocational training (001)
Dairy industry vocational training (002)
Meat industry vocational training (003)
Agriculture vocational training services (004)
Rural youth or farmers vocational training services (005)
Forestry vocational training services (006)
Fishery vocational training services (007)
Environmental vocational training services (008)
Natural resources vocational training services (009)
Computer vocational training services (010)
Energy related vocational training services (011)
Chemistry vocational training services (012)
Biology vocational training services (013)
Medical vocational training services (014)
Electronics vocational training services (015)
Telecommunications vocational training services (016)
Hydraulics vocational training services (017)
Industrial vocational training services (018)
Engineering vocational training services (019)
Communications vocational training services (020)
Tourism related training (021)
Library or documentation training (022)
Procurement or supply chain training (023)
Clerical training (024)
Health assistance vocational training services (025)
Personal care vocational training services (026)
Literacy services (027)
Safety training services (028)
Teacher training services (029)
Fire fighting training services (030)
Handcrafts vocational training services (031)
Law vocational training services (032)
Law enforcement vocational training services (033)
Road or rail transportation vocational training services (034)
Shipping vocational training services (035)
Bank or finance sector manpower development (036)
Re training or refreshing training services (037)
Vocational rehabilitation services (038)
Commercial sector manpower development (039)
Industrial sector manpower development (040)
Health sector manpower development (041)
Management sector manpower development (042)
Public sector manpower development services (043)
Merchant marine vocational training services (044)
Distance learning guidance services (045)
Distance teaching services (046)
Certificated distance learning services (047)
Non certificated distance learning services (048)
Distance learning assessment services (049)
Evening courses (050)
Part time adult education services (051)
Parent education (052)
Employee education (053)
Conversational foreign language instruction (054)
Foreign language immersion instruction (055)
Educational exchanges between universities (056)
Educational exchanges between schools (057)
Pre school educational services (058)
Religious elementary or secondary schools (059)
Private elementary or secondary schools (060)
Public elementary or secondary schools (061)
Community colleges (062)
Technical institutes (063)
Undergraduate programs (064)
Postgraduate programs (065)
Theological seminaries (066)
Technical professional schools (067)
Non technical professional schools (068)
Theater studies (069)
Painting (070)
Sculpture (071)
Media studies (072)
Music schools (073)
Dance education (074)
Drama studies (075)
Vehicle driving schools services (076)
Flight school services (077)
Yachting or boating school services (078)
Service academies (079)
Pilot schools (080)
Military police training (081)
War college (082)
Primary schooling services for people with disabilities (083)
Secondary schooling services for people with disabilities (084)
Specialized schools for people with disabilities (085)
Specialized rehabilitation services for people with disabilities (086)
Educational advisory services (087)
Universities cooperation guidance services (088)
Study abroad advisory services (089)
Tuition reimbursement programs (090)
Students hobby clubs (091)
Students unions (092)
Students travelling organizations (093)
Language laboratories (094)
Audio visual technology (095)
Computer programmed instruction (096)
Library or documentation services (097)

Company Affiliates
Affiliate NameDescription
No Affiliate records found.

Supplier Diversity Certificate History
Expiration DateCertificate TypeWomanDisabledClass Description
No History records found.
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