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SCP Company Detail
State Contracting Portal Company Detail

Company Name DBA Address 1 Address 2 City, State, ZIP Code Product # 1 Clean Environment LLC 1292 n high st east haven CT 06512 Business Type Web Address Limited Liability Company

Company Contacts
Contact NameAddressPhone/FAXEmail
Benjamin Burgos1292 N High ST
East Haven, CT 06512
Phone: (203) 988-1169
FAX: (203) 469-6871

Current Active Contracts
Contract DatesContract NumberDescription
No current contracts found.

Company Selected Industry Codes
ClassClass DescriptionSubClass Description (SubClass)
0013Building, Road and Excavation Materials, Purchase and/or Purchase & InstallBrick: Building (016)
Concrete Products (Except Pipe) (020)
Barrier Modules and Parts (024)
Glass and Glass Products (028)
Plexiglass (cast acrylic) Lexan (030)
Gypsum Products and Cement Patch Material (032)
Portland Cement and Cement Products (036)
Insulating Material (Except Pipe Coverings) (040)
Plaster and Mortar Materials (048)
Reinforcing Materials and Metal Lath (052)
Sand, Gravel, Crushed Stone (056)
Aluminum, Steel, and Plastic Pipe (060)
Tile: Floor and Ceiling (068)
Crack Sealing Services for Parking Lots, Driveways, Tennis Courts, Running Tracks (069)
0038Domestics, Floor and Window Treatments, Purchase, Purchase and Install, Rental or Cleaning ofCarpets, Rugs, and Other Floor Coverings (002)
Window Shades and Venetian Blinds (004)
0040Building or Roadway Constr. and Related Svs Contractor Provided (Also see 0600)HVAC (see 0087), Landscaping (see 0401), Hauling of Materials (see 0065 rentals) (000)
Roofing, Flashing, Waterproofing, Damproofing (002)
Installation of Windows, Glass, and Glazing Services (003)
Masonry Work (005)
Bridge Construction, Repair, Painting (008)
Sewer and or Water Work (009)
Dam Work (010)
Sidewalk, Curbing and Culvert Work (012)
Underwater Construction (013)
Installation of Overhead Doors (014)
Installation of Structural Steel (015)
General Contracting (024)
Paving, Parking Lots, Driveways (026)
Fencing, Furnish and/or Furnish and Install (027)
Demolition, Building (028)
Carpenter’s Services (029)
Construction Management (030)
Electrician’s Services (See 0025 for additonal commodity codes) (032)
Landscape Architecture and Design Work (033)
Painter’s Services (See 0073 for additonal commodity codes) (035)
Plumber’s Services (See 0079 for additional commodity codes) (036)
Pressure Washing Services (Graffiti Removal) (037)
Site Planning/Facilities Planning Services (038)
Boiler/Burner Repair Service (Emergency Repair Service ONLY) (041)
Duct Cleaning Services (042)
HVAC Control Systems Repair (Emergency Repair Service ONLY) (044)
Masonry Services (045)
Overhead Door Repair Services (046)
Roofing Services (048)
Sand Blasting Services (049)
Terrazo, Tile, and Marble Finishing Services (050)
General Contracting Services (051)
0073Paints and Related ProductsPaints, Exterior, Interior (042)
Urethane and Epoxy Finishes (060)
Spray Paint (070)
0074Home Modifications(See 0040 for Building and Higway Construction related services) (000)
General Access Construction (Ramps, Door Modifications, etc.) (001)
Access Construction to include Personal Lifts (002)
Building, Home, Office Remodling and Additions (003)
0079Plumbing and Heating Equipment and Supplies and AccessoriesPlumbing Fixtures and Equip. (056)
0088Building Management SystemsBuilding Management Systems (Energy Management, Heating Cooling, Lighting, etc) (001)
Building Mgmt Systems(Energy Mgmt, Heating Cooling, Lighting, etc), Repair/Maint/Inspect of (201)
0098Medical Services or Medical Testing ServicesMedical Waste Removal Services (004)
0100Sale of Surplus, Salvage, & Obsolete Material, Equipment and productsSale of Agricultural Machinery (041)
Sale of Construction Equip. (042)
Sale of Scrap Metal (070)
0401Grounds Maintenance, Landscaping, Snow Removal, Marine, and Related Maintenance ServicesLawn Care, Landscaping, and Snow and Ice Removal Services (002)
Parking Lot and Roadway Sweeping Services (005)
Boat Launch Maintenance Services (006)
0600Services (Professional, Support, Consulting and Misc. Services)Consulting Services (Not Computer Related) (010)
0801Custodial ServicesCustodial/Janitorial Services may include Window Washing (001)
0806Rubbish Removal, Trash Hauling & Recycling ServicesRubbish Removal Services (001)
White Paper Recycling Services (002)
0900Environmental ServicesEnvironmental Services (000)
Hazardous Waste Removal (001)
Air Quality Testing and Monitoring Services (006)
Asbestos Abatement Testing and Removal Services (007)
Site Specific Remediation Projects (009)
Soil Borings, Installation, of Instrumentation and Testing of Institutional Soil (010)

Company Affiliates
Affiliate NameDescription
Ben's Shellfish LLCmarine construction / aquaculture / construction

Supplier Diversity Certificate History
Expiration DateCertificate TypeWomanDisabledClass Description
No History records found.
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