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SCP Solicitation Details
State Contracting Portal Solicitation Details

Organization Norwich Community Development
Project/Solicitation # LP1653
Solicitation Type Other - BID
Due Date 10/18/2019
Includes SBE/MBE Requirements NO
Qualified Partnership NO
  • City of Norwich Property Rehabilitation Program Project Bid Addendum 54 Prospect Street Bid Due Date: 10-18-19 at 4pm Project #LP1653 Lead Paint Hazard Control Address: 54 Prospect Street Norwich CT. 06360 Specification Clarifications/Modifications A Side (Porch Roof): The outer most upper beam supporting the porch roof has deteriorated significantly. The Contractor is to include in their base bid, all costs related to removing a minimum of 8 linear feet of upper support beam. It is the Contractors responsibility to comply with all building Department requirements for product an installation method. Note: If further repairs than described become necessary, they will be addressed in the form of a change order. A Side Porch Roof: Contractor to include in the base bid all costs associated with the following Roofing specification. 54 Prospect Street Roofing (A Side-1st Floor Porch Roof): The roof shingles are in poor condition and showing signs of weathering and breakdown. Remove all material (including decking) to below base substrate. Call for an inspection by local the Building Department to ensure structural integrity of the lower joists and framings. Note: If further repairs are required, they will be addressed through the Change Order process. Once the structure is determined to be sound, the contractor will proceed with the following installations. Note: All activities and products must be in compliance with CT Building Codes as applicable. • Install all new decking, ½” plywood. (OSB prohibited) Install new aluminum flashing from porch roof to main house. • Install a rolled roofing felt 15 lb (all exposed surfaces) all horizontal perimeters. • Install a (water and ice) product along porch roof perimeter. • Install aluminum drip edge along porch roof perimeter. • Install new asphalt based roofing shingles with a minimum 30 year warranty over the entire roof surface. (Owner to select color and either a 3 tab or architectural style product.) • Wrap newly replaced soffit and trim in aluminum coil stock to match existing. All Roofing Costs $___________________________ __________________________________________ Contractor Acknowledgment Signature Date

Contact Name Wayne Sharkey
Phone (860) 823-3776

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