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  The DAS Exit Interview System has been developed to provide feedback from employees who are leaving a state agency, either to go to another agency, or to leave state service entirely. We will use this information to improve the Human Resource systems of the state.

It is the statutory responsibility of DAS to “[s]ecure and retain well qualified employees to carry out state programs effectively and efficiently and to provide reasonable stability of employment in state service” (CGS 5-194). This on-line DAS Exit Interview System is one strategic element to help us meet this responsibility. We want state employees who leave their agency to complete the exit interview. Over time, we plan to use the results of the completed exit interviews to inform agencies and our human resources systems on ways to provide more stability of employment in state service and to improve the human resources systems that support employment.

  • Complete the Exit Interview: Persons that have left a state agency and have been given an Account Name and Password are invited to complete the interview by clicking here.
  • HR Professional Registration: State agency HR professionals who intend to dispense Account Names and Passwords to employees who leave their agency and who intend to invite these employees to take the exit interview should click here.
  • Get an Account Name and Password for an exiting employee: Registered state agency HR Professionals click here to get Account Names and Passwords for exiting employees so the employees can take the exit interview (within 30 days) when they visit this page on the Internet.
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Disclaimer: Taking this on-line exit interview is purely voluntary and anonymous. It is only intended for persons who have left their employment with a state agency. In order to take this interview, you will need to obtain an account name and password from the human resources department at your agency and have an Internet connection available to you. DAS cannot guarantee that everyone leaving a state agency will be afforded an opportunity to take the interview. Therefore, DAS makes no claim that exit interview results are scientifically accurate or are appropriate for making comparisons. DAS’s only claim is that information obtained from interview results may suggest areas of further study and analysis respecting the retention of state workers.