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4/40 Docks860-424-3034
75th Anniversary of Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program

Abandoned Boats860-434-8638
Abandoned Boats - local harbor master

Accidental Release
800-424-9346 EPA (RCRA Hotline)
Accounting and Budgeting860-424-3102
Acid Rain (Air)860-424-4152
Addition of Grass Clippings at Registered Leaf Composting Facilities860-424-3366
Advisory Groups

Aerial Pesticide Application 860-424-3369
Agency Fleet860-424-3131
Agriculture (Water Permitting)860-424-3025

Air Conditioners (USEPA)860-296-1996 EPA
Air Field Staff & Enforcement860-424-4152
Air Line State Park Trail
(East Hampton, Colchester, Hebron, Columbia, Lebanon, Windham, Chaplin, Hampton, Pomfret, Putnam, and Thompson)

Air Modeling860-424-4152
Air Permitting
Air Quality Assessment860-424-4152
Air Quality- Burning860-424-4152
Air Quality Data (AIRS/AQS)860-424-4152
Air Quality Index & Forecast860-424-4167
Alcohol Policy - State Parks860-424-3200
Algonquin State Forest

Alternative Fuels/ Motor Vehicles (Air)860-424-4152
Ambient Monitoring (Air)860-424-3022
Ambient Monitoring (Water)860-424-3020
American Legion and Peoples State Forest (Austin Hawes Campground)
Angler's Guide (Fishing)860-424-3474
Aquatic Pesticide Application860-424-3369
Aquatic Toxicity Program860-424-3020
Aquifer - Permit Application or Registration860-424-3020
Arborist License (Pesticide Program) 860-424-3369
Architectural and Industrial Maintenance Coatings/AIM Coatings (Air)860-424-4152
Area Sources (Air)860-424-4152
Asbestos Disposal 860-424-3366
Asbestos Disposal Authorization(Permitting)860-424-3366
Asbestos Issues (DPH)860-509-7367 DPH
Asbestos Removal - Worker Safety Connecticut OSHA860-263-6900 OSHA
Asbestos Removal - Worker Safety Federal OSHA860-240-3152 OSHA
Ashes - burial at sea
(EPA) federal waters only, not Long Island Sound
617-918-1538 EPA
Asian Longhorned Beetle (AG Dept)877-855-2237 DOAg
Asphalt Paving (Air)860-424-4152
Asphalt Plants (Air)860-424-4152
Asphalt Roofing Shingle Waste/ Storage & Distribution - Asphalt Aggregate860-424-3366
Attainment Planning (Air)860-424-4152
Attainment Planning and Modeling (Air)860-424-4152
ATV Permits (Hunting)860-424-3011
Banking Emission Credit (Air)860-424-4152
Bathing Beach Monitoring860-424-3020
Bats 860
Beach Grading860-424-3034
Beach Openings (state facilities only)
Beaches - water monitoring866-287-2757
Beaver Brook State Park
(Chaplin, Windham)

Becket Hill State Park Reserve

Beckley Furnace Industrial Monument
(North Canaan)

Bennett's Pond State Park

Bigelow Hollow State Park and Nipmuck State Forest

Biogas/fuel production 860-424-3003

Black Bears860-424-3011
Black Rock State Park
Bluff Point State Park
Boating Courses / Certificate
Boating Permits860-447-4348
Bolton Notch State Park

Bottle Bill860-424-3044
Bottle Redemption Center Registration Form860-424-3241
Brainard Homestead State Park
(East Haddam)

Brownfields - Funding (DECD - OBRD) 860-270-8095
Brownfields (Remediation)860-424-3705
Burlington Hatchery860-673-2340
Burn Index (Forestry) 860-424-3630
Burr Pond State Park
Bus Permits for State Parks and Recreation Areas877-668-2267
Business Financing (CERC)800-392-2122 CERC
Cable Complaint (PURA)860-827-1553
Calendar of Events (DEEP)

Calendar of Events (PURA)860-827-1553
California Low Emission Vehicles (CA LEV)860-424-4152
Call Before You Dig (PURA)860-827-2780
Cambell Falls State Park Reserve

Camp Columbia State Historic Park/State Forest


Camping Reservations (Reserve America)877-668-2267 Reserve America
Camping with Pets

CARB Regulations860-424-4152
Carbon Monoxide (redesignation/attainment)860-424-4152
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning911
CARE (CT Aquatic Resources Education)860-663-1656
Cars-Importing202-564-9240 EPA
Catalytic Converters (for cars)860-424-4152
CCC Museum at Shenipsit State Forest860-684-3430
Cell Phone Complaints (PURA)800-382-4586
Cell Telephone Towers (Radiation)860-424-3029
Centennial Watershed State Forest
(Easton, Newtown, Redding, Weston)

Central Permit Processing
Certificate of Permission860-424-3034
CGS Section 22a-454 Waste Facilities (waste oil, petroleum, chemical liquids or hazardous wastes)860-424-3023
Chairperson (PURA)860-827-2809
Chatfield Hollow State Park
Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) (USEPA)800-296-1996 EPA
Choose an Electric Supplier877-WISE-USE

Clean Air Act Information (USEPA)

Clean Air Hotline800-249-1234 # Outside of DEEP
Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR) 860-424-4152
Clean Energy Options (PURA)

Clean Marina Program

Clean Vessel Act Program - Boat Pumpout & Disposal860-434-8638
Clean Water Fund - Wastewater Project Financing

Clean Water Fund (Financial)860-424-3325
Clean Water Fund (Priority List)860-424-3704
Cleanup Standards-(Remediation Standard Regulations)860-424-3705
Coastal & Tidal Issues/Coastal
Coastal 401 Water Quality Certification860-424-3034
Coastal Management and Permits860-424-3034
Coastal Programs (including coastal hazards and coastal management)860-424-3034
Coastal Remedial Activities Required by Order860-424-3034
Cockaponset State Forest (Pattaconk Lake Recreation Area)
(Chester, Haddam)
Collis P. Huntington State Park

Communications (PURA)
Community Right-To-Know
COMPASS - Hazardous Waste Compliance Assistance Program860-424-3023
Complaints (outdoor air - toll free number)800-249-1234
Compliance Assurance Monitoring860-424-4152
Compliance Certification & Reporting860-424-4152
Composting 860-424-3239
Comprehensive Energy
Connecticut Power Update877-WISE-USE
Connecticut Solid Waste Demonstration Project860-424-3366
Connecticut Valley Railroad State Park

Construction and Demolition Materials Management

Consumer Products860-424-4152
Container Redemption Program (Bottle Bill)

Containment walls (shoreline armoring)860-424-3034
Contaminated Sites List860-424-3705
Contaminated Soil - Reuse at remediation sites (per RSRs)860-424-3705
Contaminated Soil and/or Staging 860-424-3366
Contaminated Soil- Lead860-424-3023
Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEM)860-424-4152
Core Program860-424-4000
Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ)860-424-3706
Covenant Not To Sue - Remediation sites860-424-3705
Crematoriums (Air Permitting)860-424-4152
Crematoriums (Siting - DPH)860-209-8000 DPH
Crop Damage Permits (Franklin Wildlife)860-642-7239
Dam Construction 860-424-3706
Dams - Repair and Alteration860-424-3706
Dams & Dam Safety860-424-3706
Dart Island State Park

Day Pond State Pond

Decommissioning of Nuclear Facility860-424-3029
Demarcation Lines Between Inland and Marine District

Dennis Hill State Park

Devil’s Hopyard State Park
(East Haddam)
Diesel Cars & Trucks860-424-4152
Diesel Generators860-424-4152
Diesel Reduction Initiatives860-424-4152
Dinosaur State Park
(Rocky Hill)
860-529-5816 Main Line
860-529-8423 Recorded Information Line
Dinosaur State Park, Rocky Hill (Recorded Information Line)
Dioxin Stack Testing860-424-4152
Directions to DEEP Facilities

Disassembling Used Electronics860-424-3366
Disaster Debris Management Preparedness

Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMR)860-424-3025
Discharge of a substance860-424-3338
Discharge of Wastewater Associated with Food Preparation Establishments 860-424-3020
Diversion of Water for Consumptive Use860-424-3019
Dock Reconstruction860-424-3034
Domestic Sewage860-424-3025
Drinking Water (Contact town for local water supplier)

Drinking Water (DPH)860-509-7333 DPH
Drop-site Recycling Facility 860-424-3366
Dry Cleaner Fact Sheet (P2)860-424-3297
Dry Cleaners (Waste)860-424-4193
Dry Cleaners MACT (Air)860-424-4152
Dry Cleaners Remediation Fund (DECD) 860-270-8193 DECD
Duck Stamp860-424-3011
Dumping (solid materials on private land) 860-424-3366
Dumping (solid materials on state land) 860-424-3333
Dumping of oils and chemicals860-424-3338
Dust (complaint)860-424-3436
E-85 Fuels860-424-4152
Eagle Landing State Park

Earth Day

Eastern District Fisheries860-295-9523
Eastern District Forestry860-295-9523
Eastern District Headquarters860-295-9523
Eastern District Wildlife860-295-9523
Education - Public Outreach860-424-3542
Educator Workshops

Eel Grass/Phragmites860-424-3034
Electric Suppliers (PURA)  860-827-1553
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations860-424-4152
Electric Vehicles860-424-4152
Electricity Complaint (PURA)860-827-1553
Electronic Waste (E-Waste)860-424-3366
Emergency Dispatch860-424-3333
Emergency Response & Spill Prevention860-424-3338
Emergency/Temporary Authorization - Discharge to Groundwater860-424-3025
Emergency/Temporary Authorization - Discharge to POTW860-424-3025
Emergency/Temporary Authorization - Discharge to Surface Water860-424-3025
EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) Wires Radiation860-424-3029
Emission Fee Rate (Air Business Office)860-424-4152
Emission Reduction Credits (Air)860-424-4152
Emission Reports for Power Plants (Air)860-424-4152
Emission Statements (Air)860-424-4152
Emissions from Power Plants (Air)860-424-4152
Employee Commute Option (ECO)1-877-CTRIDES CT Rides

EnCon Police860-424-3012
Endangered Species860-424-3011
Enders State Forest

Energy Assistance877-947-3873
Energy Demand860-827-2756
Energy Supply860-827-2691
Enforcement Policy and Coordination860-424-3001
Engineered Controls (for Remediation)860-424-3705
Engineering Services860-342-2215
Environmental Clean-Up Cost Recovery860-424-3656
Environmental Conservation Police860-424-3012
Environmental Education860-424-3542
Environmental Justice Program860-424-3002
Environmental Land Use Restrictions (ELURs)860-424-3705
Environmental Review860-424-3003
EPA’s Air Quality Reports

EPCRA (Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know)
Ethanol in Gasoline (Air)860-424-4152
E-Waste Drop Off Locations860-424-3366
Farm River State Park
(East Haven)

Farmington Canal State Park Trail
(Cheshire, Hamden)

Fats, Oils and Grease General Permit860-424-3020
Fats/oils grease dumping860-424-3020
File Room
Financial & Support Services860-424-3100
Financial Assistance

Fine Particle Monitoring860-424-4152
Fisheries Licenses & Permits860-424-3105
Fleets- Clean Fuel Fleets860-424-4152
Flood Alert System860-424-3706
Flood Management Certification 860-424-3019
Flood Management
Fluorescent bulbs

FOIA Requests (Freedom of Information Requests)
Foliage Report

Food Processing Wastewater860-424-3025
Food Residuals Mapping Study

Forest Fire Danger860-424-3929
Formal Enforcement Actions (Air)860-424-4152
Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park
Fort Trumbull State Park
(New London)
Franklin Wildlife Management
Freon (USEPA)800-296-1996 EPA
Fuels/Motor Vehicles860-424-4152
GAC Filter Information -Granular Activated Carbon for wells

Gardner Lake State Park, Salem

Gas Complaint (PURA)860-827-1553
Gas Pipeline Safety (PURA)860-827-2661
Gasoline Cans860-424-4152
Gasoline Regulations860-424-4152
Gasoline Stations860-424-4152
Gay City State Park, Hebron860-295-9523
General Permit Reporting (Air)860-424-4152
General Permit to Limit Potential to Emit 860-424-4152
General Permits (Permitting Questions)860-424-4152
Generator Regulations (Emergency)860-424-4152
Geographic Information Systems860-424-3540
Geologic and Natural History Survey

George Dudley Seymour State Park

George Waldo State Park

Gillette Castle State Park
(East Haddam)
Glastonbury Shooting Range Reservations, Meshomasic State
Goodwin Conservation Center860-455-9534
Grant and Clean Water Fund860-424-3704
Grants and Financial Assistance

Grants Management and Special Funds860-424-3190
Grassland initiative
Green cleaning

Green Lodging

GreenCircle Award Program

Greenhouse Gases 860-424-4152
Groundwater - General Information 860-424-3705
Groundwater Permit860-424-3025
Groundwater Remediation Wastewater to a Sanitary Sewer860-424-3025
Groundwater Remediation Wastewater to a Surface Water860-424-3025
Habitat Conservation - Water 860-424-3019
Haddam Island State Park

Haddam Meadows State Park

Haley Farm State Park

Hammonasset Beach State Park
Harkness Memorial State Park
Haystack Mountain State Park

Hazard Notifications860-424-3705
Hazardous Waste Engineer of the day (EOD)860-424-4193
Hazardous Air Pollutant Health Effects (DPH) 860-509-7367 DPH
Hazardous Air Pollutants Complaints860-424-3436
Hazardous Air Pollutants Permitting860-424-4152
Hazardous and Solid Waste860-424-3023
Hazardous Chemical
Hazardous Waste

Hazardous Waste Advisory Committee

Hazardous Waste Compliance Assistance (COMPASS)888-424-4193
Hazardous Waste Disposal Site Info800-548-8660
Hazardous Waste Manifests860-424-3375
Hazardous Waste Permitting & Enforcement860-424-3023
Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities 860-424-3023
Health and Safety Office860-424-3004
Helium Balloons860-424-3011
Heritage Pass860-424-3200
Heublein Tower at Talcott Mountain
Higganum Reservoir State Park

HLV’s (Hazard Limiting Values) Compliance860-424-4152
HLV’s (Hazard Limiting Values) Permitting860-424-4152
Homebuyers (DCP) Residential Property Disclosure 860-713-6100
Hop River State Park Trail
(Andover, Bolton, Columbia, Coventry, Manchester and Vernon)

Hopemead State Park

Hopeville Pond State Park
Horse Guard State Park

Hospital Environmental Roundtable (CHER)

Hours of Operation

Housatonic Meadows State Park
Housatonic State Forest

Household Hazardous Waste860-424-3366
How to Apply? (Permits, Licenses, Auth)860-424-3003
Humanston Brook State Park

Hunter Reporting
Hunter Safety Training Classes (Eastern CT)860-642-7239
Hunter Safety Training Classes (Western CT)860-675-8130
Hunting & Trapping

Hunting & Trapping Licenses860-424-3105
Hunting & Trapping Season
Hunting Areas - state owned or managed860-424-3011
Hurd State Park
(East Hampton)

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Wastewater (natural gas pipelines)860-424-3025
Idling Complaints860-424-3436
Idling Regulations860-424-4152
Idling Sign Program860-424-4152
Impervious Land Cover Studies

Indian Affairs860-424-3066
Indian Well State Park

Indoor Air Complaints/Workplace(OSHA)860-566-2338 OSHA
Indoor Air/Tobacco Use Prevention (DPH)860-509-7802 DPH
Industrial Wastewater- New Permits860-424-3025
Industrial Water Enforcement860-424-3025
Industrial Water Permit Reissuance860-424-3025
Information Management - Helpdesk860-424-4169
Injured Animal860-424-3011
Inland 401 Water Quality Certification860-424-3019
Inland Flooding860-424-3706
Inland Water - Floods 860-424-3706
Inland Water Enforcement860-424-3019
Inland Water Permits860-424-3019
Inland Water Resources Division860-424-3706
Inland Wetlands and Watercourses 860-424-3019
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) UCONN Cooperative Extension860-486-4125 UCONN
Invasive Species

Inventory, Base Year (Air)860-424-4152
Inventory, Mobile Sources860-424-4152
Inventory, Stationary Sources860-424-4152
Ionizing Radiation Registration860-424-3029
James L. Goodwin State Forest
Job Opportunities

John A. Minetto State Park

Kellogg Environmental Center
Kensington Hatchery (NOT open to the public)860-827-7785
Kent Falls State Park
Kettletown State Park
Killingly Pond State Park

Labor Relations860-424-3006
Lake Waramaug State Park
Lake, Pond and Basin Dredging860-424-3019
Lakes Management860-424-3020
Lamentation Mountain State Park

Land Acquisition and Management860-424-3016
Landscape Stewardship860-424-3003
Larkin State Park Trail
(Middlebury, Naugatuck, Oxford, Southbury)

Law Enforcement860-424-3012
Law Enforcement Eastern District860-295-9523
Law Enforcement Marine District860-434-9840
Law Enforcement Western District860-485-0226
Laws & Regulations

Lead Paint in the Home (DPH)860-509-7299 DPH
Leaf Composting Facility860-424-3366
Leaking Underground Storage Tank (leaks, releases, discharges, spills)860-424-3338
Legal Counsel860-424-3001
Legislative Liaison860-424-3001
Licensed Environmental Professionals (LEPs)860-424-3705
Limit Potential to Emit from Major Stationary Sources of Air Pollution860-424-4152
Limited Processing Recycling Facility860-424-3366
Litchfield Headquarters860-567-8998
Lobster Management860-434-6043
Long Island Sound860-424-3034
Long Island Sound and Nonpoint Source860-424-3020
Long Island Sound License Plate

Long Island Sound Permitting860-424-3034
Long Island Sound Water Quality

Lover's Leap State Park
(New Milford)

Low Level Radioactive Waste860-424-3029
LUST Program860-424-3374
Macedonia Brook State Park
Machimoodus State Park
(East Haddam)

MACT Standards (Compliance)860-424-3702
MACT Standards (Permitting)860-424-4152
Mail Room860-424-3103
Mansfield Hollow State Park
Maps- State hunting areas860-424-3011
Maps- State Park & Forest Maps (maps online)860-424-3200
Marina and Mooring Field Reconfiguration860-424-3034
Marina Program (Marine HQ Pumpout Facility)860-434-6148
Marine District Headquarters860-434-6148
Marine District Offices, Marine Law Enforcement860-434-9840
Marine Terminal License860-424-3374
Mashamoquet Brook State Park
Massacoe State Forest

Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS)
Materials Management
Mattatuck State Forest
(Harwinton, Litchfield, Plymouth, Thomaston, Waterbury, and Watertown)

Mattress Recycling

Media Calls860-424-4100
Medical Waste/Disposal 860-424-3023
Meeting Requests (with Commissioner's Office)860-424-3001
Meigs Point Nature Center203-245-8743

Mercury Spills (hazardous waste)860-424-3338
Meshomasic State Forest
(East Hampton, Glastonbury and Portland)

Metal Furniture Finishing860-424-4152
Meteorological Data860-424-4152
Mianus River State Park

Millers Pond State Park Reserve

Minnie Island State Park
(Bozrah and Montville)

Minor Grading (Inland Water Resources Division)860-424-3019
Minor Structures (Inland Water Resources Division)860-424-3019
Miscellaneous Discharges of Sewer Compatible Wastewater860-424-3025
Mobile Source Complaints (idling vehicles)860-424-3436
Mobile Source Planning860-424-4152
Mobile Source Regulations860-424-4152
Mobile Sources (Cars & Trucks)860-424-4152
Modeling, Dispersion860-424-4152
Modeling, Ozone/Regional Scale860-424-4152
Mohawk State Forest & Mohawk Mountain State Park
Goshen and Cornwall
Mohegan State Forest

Mold (DPH)860-509-7740 DPH
Monitoring (Water)860-424-3020
Monitoring Assessment and Lake Management860-424-3020
Mono Pond State Park Reserve

Mooween State Park, Lebanon

Mosquito Program860-424-3011
Motor Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance DMV888-282-8399 DMV
Motor Vehicles (DMV)203-805-6243 DMV
Mount Bushnell State Park

Mount Riga State Park

Mount Tom State Park
MOVES Modeling (Air mobile source modeling) 860-424-4152
Municipal Enforcement and Permits (Water)860-424-3704
Municipal Facilities (Water)860-424-3704
Municipal Primer

Municipal Transfer Station860-424-3366
Municipal Waste Combustor Permitting860-424-4152
Municipal Waste Combustor Regulations860-424-4152
Municipal Wastewater

Municipal Water Treatment Plants 860-424-3020
Municipal Wetlands Program860-424-3019
NAAQS - NO2, O3, SO2, CO, PM, Pb (National Ambient Air Quality Standards for air pollutants)860-424-4152
Nassahegon State Forest

Natchaug State Forest
Nathan Hale State Forest
(Coventry and Andover)

National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)800-358-9616
Natural Diversity Data Base Review Request (NDDB)
Natural History Survey 860-424-3011
Natural Resources Bureau860-424-3010
Naugatuck State Forest
(Cheshire, Hamden, Naugatuck, Oxford, and Beacon Falls)

Navigation Safety / Access Information860-434-8638
Nehanic State Forest
(Lyme and East Lyme)

Nepaug State Forest
(New Hartford)

New Source Review Permits (Air)860-424-4152
Newsletter subscription

Nipmuck State Forest & Bigelow Hollow State Park

Nitrogen Control Program - Water

No Child Left
No Discharge Area Program - Protecting Long Island Sound

Noise Complaints860-424-3436
Noise Ordinance (Town)860-424-4152
Non-Contact Cooling and Heat Pump Water860-424-3025
Non-harbor Moorings860-424-3034
Nonpoint Source Pollution (NPS) Management

NOx/NOx Budget/NOx Trading Programs860-424-4152
NPDES and State Permits (Water Permitting)860-424-3025
Nuisance Animals860-424-3011
Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators860-424-3496
Nye-Holman State Forest

Obstructions in waterways (regulated by municipality)

Odor Complaints (Outdoors)860-424-3436
Off Road Vehicles /Diesel860-424-4152
Office of Brownfields Remediation & Development (DECD) 860-270-8095 DECD
Office of Consumer Counsel (OCC)860-827-2900 OCC
Offset Banking (Air)860-424-4152
Oil Spill Preparedness860-424-3024
Oil Spills860-424-3338
Old Furnace State Park

Opacity CEM’s & Stack Testing860-424-4152
Open Burning (Air)860-424-4152
Open Space (Land Acquisition)860-424-3016
Organic Land Care

Orphaned Animal860-424-3011
Osborne Homestead (Maintenance)203-922-7831
Osborne Homestead Museum (alternate-Kellogg)203-734-2513
Osborne Homestead Museum (seasonal only)203-922-7832
Osbornedale State Park
Osprey Platforms and Perch Poles860-424-3034
OTC Model Rules (Air) 860-424-4152
Outdoor Air Complaints (not indoor air quality)860-424-3436
Outdoor Recreation860-424-3200
Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP) -statewide comprehensive860-424-3200
Outdoor Wood Furnaces (Air)860-424-4152
Ozone Forecast (Air)860-424-4167
Ozone Planning860-424-4152
Ozone Precursor Monitoring860-424-4152
P2 View - Pollution Prevention Newsletter860-424-3297
Pachaug State Forest
Paint Booths (Air)860-424-4152
Park Passes - For Disabled Veterans860-424-3200
Park Passes - Library860-424-3555
Park Passes - Seasonal860-424-3555
Park Passes- Charter Oak Senior Pass860-424-3200
Parks and Forests (State of Connecticut)

Particulate Matter Planning860-424-4152
Paugnut State Forest
(Torrington and Winchester)

Paugussett State Forest

PCB Program (polychlorinated biphenyls) 860-424-3368
PCB Regulations (polychlorinated biphenyls) 860-424-3368
Penwood State Park
People's State Forest
Permit Assistance/Permit Transfers860-424-3003
Permit Ombudsman860-424-3003
Permits, Licenses and Registrations

Personnel Development860-424-3006
Personnel/Benefits Administration860-424-3006
Pesticide Management860-424-3369
Pesticides Examinations860-424-3369
Pheasant Program860-424-3011
Phosphorus (Water quality issues)860-424-3020
Photographic Processing Wastewater860-424-3025
Planning and Program Development860-424-3020
Platt Hill State Park

Pomeroy State Park, Lebanon

Pootatuck State Forest
(New Fairfield)

Portable Fuel Containers (Air)860-424-4152
Potable water/wells (Remediation)860-424-3705
Power Plants860-424-4152
Pre-Inspection Questionnaire (PIQ) (Air)860-424-4152
Prevention Significant Deterioration Modeling860-424-4152
Printing & Publishing Wastewater860-424-3025
Property Transfer calls860-424-3705
Protection of State Land860-424-3016
Public Notices

Pump-out Facilities (no fee for Clean Vessel Act grant recipients)
PURA / Energy - Asst. Attorney General (Energy Divsion of Attorney General's Office)860-827-2620
PURA Advocacy & Operations860-827-2628
PURA Computer & Data Processing860-827-2651
PURA Consumer Services800-382-4586
PURA Deputy Commissioner860-827-2807
PURA Executive Secretary860-827-1553
PURA Management Audit860-827-2760
PURA Media Spokesperson860-424-4100
PURA Prosecutorial Division860-827-2628
PURA Scheduling Calendar860-827-1553
Purchasing and Procurement860-424-3500
Putnam Memorial State Park
Quaddick State Forest
Quaddick State Park
Quinebaug Hatchery860-564-7542
Quinebaug Lake State Park
Quinnipiac River State Park
(North Haven)

Rabies - domesticated animals (Agriculture)

Rabies - human exposure (DPH)860-509-7994 DPH
Rabies - routine calls 860-424-3011
Rabies - wildlife emergency 860-424-3333
Rabies Testing - for animal with exposure to humans or domesticated animals860-566-4776 DPH
Rabies Testing - for animal with no exposure to humans 860-486-3738 UCONN
Radiation Registration860-424-3029
Radon Issues (DPH)860-509-7367 DPH
Rapid Bioassessment in Wadeable Streams & Rivers by Volunteer Monitors (RBV)860-424-3020
RCRA Corrective Action860-424-3705
RCRA Enforcement860-424-3023
RCRA Hazardous Waste COMPASS860-424-3023
RCRA Permitting860-424-3023
Recovery/Stimulus Information

Recreational Trails Program860-424-3578
Recyclables Transfer
Recycling and Source Reduction860-424-3366
Recycling at Work860-424-3366
Recycling Laws and
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle860-424-3366
Reformulated Gasoline860-424-4152
Refrigerator Repair Certification (EPA)800-296-1996 EPA
Refrigerators (CFC’s) (EPA)800-296-1996
Regional Greenhouse Gas Initative (RGGI)860-424-4152
Regional Haze (Air)860-424-4152
Regulations (Air)860-424-4152
Release Reporting Advisory Committee

Remediation Programs/Site Clean-up860-424-3705
Remediation Standard Regulations ("RSRs")860-424-3705
Remediaton -Comprehensive Evaluation and Transformation of Connecticut’s Cleanup Laws860-424-3705
Removal of Derelict Structures860-424-3034
Rental of Park Facilities & Pavilions (see also specific park)

Report Environmental Problem/Concern

Research questions (Fish, Aquatic Invertebrates)860-424-3480
Research questions (Wildlife)860-424-3963
Resident Curator Program

Residential Flood Hazard Mitigation860-424-3034
Residential Home Heating Oil Tanks (UST)

Residential Water related complaints 860-424-3705
Resource Recovery Facilities (Air)860-424-4152
Risk Assessment (DPH)860-509-7367 DPH
River Camping (Gillette, Hurd and Selden Neck)860-526-2336
River Camping (River Highlands)860-485-0226
River Highlands State Park

Rocky Glen State Park

Rocky Neck State Park
(East Lyme)
Ross Pond State Park

RVP (Reid Vapor Pressure) (Air)860-424-4152
Salmon River State Forest
Salt Rock State Campground
Sanitary Sewer (POTW)860-424-3025
Satan's Kingdom State Recreation Area
(New Hartford)

Scantic River State Park
(Enfield, East Windsor, Somers)

School Bus Idling (Air)860-424-4152
School Bus Retrofit (Air)860-424-4152
Sea Walls860-424-3034
Selden Neck State Park, Lyme

Septic < 5,000 gals860-424-3025
Septic > 5,000 gals (DPH)860-509-7296 DPH
Septic Odor (Contact Local Health Director)

Sessions Woods Wildlife Mgt Area
Seth Low Pierrepont State Park Reserve, Ridgefield

Shellfish and fluke commercial fishermen to report daily activity860-424-3503
Shenipsit State Forest
(Stafford, Somers, and Ellington)
Sherwood Island State Park
Shoreline armoring (containment walls)860-424-3034
Sick Animal860-424-3011
Silver Sands State Park

Single Item Recycling Facility860-424-3366
Single-Ply Roofing/Adhesives (Air)860-424-4152
SIPRAC (Air Advisory Committee)860-424-4152
Site remediation/land use restrictions860-424-3705
Sleeping Giant State Park
Small Business Assistance Program860-424-3003
Smoke (Outdoor) Complaints860-424-3436
Soil Erosion and Sediment Control

Soil Management (Staging/Transfer) 860-424-3366
Solid Waste & Recycling Hauler Resources

Solid Waste Advisory Committee

Solid Waste and Recycling Reporting Forms

Solid Waste Enforcement860-424-3366
Solid Waste Facilities 860-424-3366
Solid Waste Management860-424-3366
Solid Waste Management Plan

Solid Waste Operator Certification860-424-3366
Solid Waste Permitting860-424-3366
Sound Outlook Newsletter

Southford Falls State Park
Special Waste Authorization860-424-3366
Special Waste/Transporter860-424-3366
Spill Incident Field Operations860-424-3377
Spill Reporting860-424-3338
Spray Painting (Air)860-424-4152
Squantz Pond State Park
(New Fairfield)
Stack Testing (Air)860-424-4152
Stage II Gasoline Vapor Recovery Line (Gasoline Dispensing Facilities)800-249-1234
Stage II Vapor Recovery (Gasoline Dispensing Facilities)860-424-4152
State Boat Launches -
State Emergency Response
State Implementation Plan (SIP)860-424-4152
State Information Line860-622-2200
State Parks and Forests - Special
State Parks and Public Outreach Division860-424-3200
Stationary Source Controls (Air)860-424-4152
Stillwater Pond State Park

Stoddard Hill State Park

Stone Museum at Peoples State Forest
Stormwater - Commercial Activities860-424-3025
Stormwater - Industrial Activities860-424-3025
Stormwater & Dewatering Wastewaters-Construction Activities860-424-3025
Stormwater from Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems860-424-3025
Stormwater Management

Stormwater Monitoring
Stormwater Runoff860-424-3025
Stratton Brook State Park

Stream Channel Encroachment Lines 860-424-3019
Stream Flow Standards and Regs860-424-3020
Structures and Dredging/Tidal Wetlands 860-424-3034
Sub-Surface Disposal860-424-3025
Subsurface, Large/Community Septic860-424-3025
Sunken or Grounded Vessel -ENCON #/ Harbor Master weblink860-424-3333
Sunny Brook State Park

Sunrise Resort State Park
(East Haddam)
Surface Water (NPDES)860-424-3025
Swim Floats860-424-3034
Swimming Area Water Quality Report (Memorial Day - Labor Day)866-287-2757
Swimming Pool Wastewater - Public Pools and Contractors860-424-3025
Talcott Mountain State Park
Technology Help Desk860-424-4169
Telecommunications Complaint (PURA)860-827-1553
Terminal Program860-424-3298
The Torrent Newsletter860-424-3537
Thomaston Garage
Tick Spraying 203-974-8500 CAES
Tidal Wetlands860-424-3034
Tier II
Time and Activities Management860-424-3127
TIP - Turn In Poachers800-842-HELP
Tire Chip Aggregate - Storage and Distribution of Two (2) Inch Nominal 860-424-3366
Title I of the Clean Air Act (Attainment Planning)860-424-4152
Title III of the Clean Air Act (Toxics - Air Permitting)860-424-4152
Title IV of the Clean Air Act (Acid Rain - Air Permitting)860-424-4152
Title V of the Clean Air Act (Air Operating Permits)860-424-4152
Title V of the Clean Air Act (Air Reporting Requirements)860-424-4152
TMDL (total maximum daily load -water pollutants)860-424-3020
Topsmead State Forest
Toxics (Federal Air Requirements)860-424-4152
Trading (Air Orders)860-424-4152
Transportation of Radioactive Material860-424-3029
Transportation Programs (Air)860-424-4152
Trees in Waterways (regulated by municipality)

TRI (toxic release inventory)
Tri-Mountain State Park
(Durham and Wallingford)

Trout Brook Valley State Park Reserve

Truck Stop Electrification Project860-424-4152
Tumbling or Cleaning of Parts Wastewater860-424-3025
Tuna Fishing - National Marine Fishery888-872-8862 NOAA
Tunxis State Forest
(Granby, Barkhamsted, Hartland)

Turf Grass Initiative - UCONN Extension860-875-3331 UCONN
Underground Storage
Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Account860-424-3370
Underground Storage Tank Petroleum Clean-Up Program

Urban Trees860-424-3630
Users Guide to Environmental Permits860-424-3003
UST (Commerical Use Underground Storage Tank)860-424-3374
Utilities and Drainage860-424-3019
Utility Rates (PURA)860-827-1553
Vapor Recovery (Air)
Vehicle Importing (EPA)202-564-9240 EPA
Vehicle Maintenance Wastewater860-424-3025
Vehicle Pollution Controls860-424-4152
Visibility/Regional Haze860-424-4152
VOC Monitoring (Air)860-424-3027
VOC RACT (Air) Volatile Organic Compound -Reasonably Available Control Technology860-424-4152
VOC Regulations for Paint (Air) 860-424-4152
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)860-424-3702
Volunteer Opportunities

Wadsworth Falls State Park
Wait 'til 8877-WISE-USE
Waste manifests860-424-3375
Waste Stewardship Permits860-424-3366
Waste Storage, Treatment, Transportation & Disposal 860-424-3366
Waste Transportation 860-424-3366
Wastewater Treatment - Industrial860-424-3025
Wastewater Treatment - Municipal860-424-3704
Wastewater Treatment - Nitrogen860-424-3704
Wastewater Treatment - Operator Certification860-424-3704
Wastewater Treatment – Phosphorus860-424-3704

Water Bill Complaint (PURA)860-827-1553
Water Diversion860-424-3019
Water Diversion - Ground water860-424-3019
Water Diversion - Surface water860-424-3019
Water General Permits860-424-3025
Water Monitoring - Discharges (DMR)860-424-3025
Water Permit Complaints860-424-3025
Water Protection and Land Reuse Chief860-424-3704
Water Quality Certification860-424-3019
Water Quality Monitoring Program - Surface Water

Water Quality Report860-424-3020
Water Quality Standards and Classifications860-424-3020
Water Resource Modeling860-424-3020
Water Treatment Wastewater860-424-3025
Watershed Management860-424-3020
Weights & Measures Regarding Fuel Pumps Calibration & Air Hoses (Consumer Protection)860-713-6160 DCP
Well Completion Reports (available in the DEEP File Room) 860-424-4180
Well Drilling Licensing (Plumbing, Pipefitting and Well Drilling Board) 860-713-6100 DCP
Well Drilling Regulations (DCP)860-713-6100 DCP
Wells (DPH)860-509-7333 DPH
West Rock Ridge State Park
(Hamden, New Haven)
Western District Fisheries860-485-0226
Western District Forestry860-485-0226
Western District Headquarters860-485-0226
Western District Wildlife860-424-3011
Westport Satellite Office203-226-3116
Wetlands Encroachment860-424-3019
Wetlands Impact - Army Corps of Engineers800-343-4789 Army Corp of Engineers
Wetlands Jurisdication (Local Commission)860-424-3019
Wetlands Management 860-424-3019
Wetlands Restoration860-424-3011
Wetlands Restoration/Mosquito Program860-424-3011
Wharton Brook State Park
What Do I Do With? (Waste)860-424-3366
Whittemore Glen State Park
(Naugatuck, Middlebury)
Wildlife - prohibited animals860-424-3011
Wildlife Magazine860-424-3011
Wildlife Management Areas860-424-3011
Wildlife/Fishing Violations - Turn In Poachers Program800-842-4357
Windsor Locks Canal State Park Trail
(Windsor Locks, Suffield)

Windsor Meadows State Park

Woodstove Smoke Emissions & Regulations860-424-4152
Wooster Mountain State Park

Wyantenock State Forest
(Cornwall, Kent and Warren)

Youth Camping Eastern District860-295-9523
Youth Camping Western District860-485-0226
79 Elm Street, Hartford, CT 06106-5127 / Phone: 860-424-3000
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